Rehearsal / Live Room

Studio 4 is a rehearsal, recording and general production space suitable for band and orchestral rehearsals, choreography, video shoots and showcases.

One wall is mirrored (behind acoustic drapes) and the carpeted floor surface can be removed to reveal a marmoleum floor.

The main floor space is 10m x 9m x 6m high, with natural light, plus a mezzanine floor and an adjacent TV lounge/production office. Kitchen, toilets and drink facilities are available.

With tie lines to the Main Studio control room, the acoustic properties of studio 4 make for an ideal recording space. Linked via 48 channels of Klark Teknik active mic split/pre amps. 

Technical specification
Soundcraft Expression Si3 32 Channel Desk with digital recording interface (USB or Firewire), Clair Bros Audio monitor system incorporating 4 x R4 full range cabs plus subs, 6 x QSC K10 monitor wedges, 1 x Yamaha drum fill.


6 x Shure SM58, 2 x Shure Beta58, 3 x Shure Beta 56, 1 x AKG D112, 1 x AKG 300/CK91 cap, 3 Shure Beta56, 1 x ATM25, 2 xATM23HE, 8 way P+R Passive DI, 3 x Radial j48 DI’s, 1 x Radial stereo DI.

8 Tall Boom Stands

3 Small Boom Stands.


Studio 4 customers enjoy preferential rates for the recording studio and for instrument and equipment hire & sales.