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We offer a range of online services. From mixing and mastering your latest project to additional programming and production all without leaving your home.

At sensible we have a plethora of vintage and cutting edge hardware and software to help take your projects to the highest level. 

Our team of engineers have worked with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Stevie Wonder and your projects will get the same attention it takes to finish such records.



Have your music mixed by veteran ears, and have your audio passed through some of the worlds most sought after pieces of hardware including but not limited to; Fairchild 670 compressors, UREI 1176's, DBX, Chiswick Reach and many more. The cost depends on the amount of audio files in the mix.

  • 1 track up to 16 files - £150 with 2 revisions
  • 1 track 17-24 files - £250 with 2 revisions
  • 1 track 25-48 files - £350 with 2 revisions
  • 1 track 49 files and above - £500 with 2 revisions

We can offer various discounts based on the amount of tracks that you require mixing for.



No algorithms, no presets, just real ears in real rooms. We can offer traditional mastering or stem mastering.


We can master your Album, EP or single. The purpose of mastering is create a sonically balanced stereo file of your mix and optimising the playback compatibility for a variety of devices and formats. We can deliver your master in WAV and DDPI formats ready for your distribution.

  • 1 Track - £50
  • 4 tracks - £175
  • 7 tracks - £300
  • 10 tracks - £425
  • 11+ - POA

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is a bridge between mixing and mastering, it allows you to group together instruments in your mix, and have them sonically balanced and processed into a mastered stereo file. Perfect for EDM and Electronica producers who stack together lots of synths and want to keep the voicing as the producer intended.

  • 1 track of up to 8 stems (or groups) - £80
  • 4 tracks of up to 8 stems (or groups) - £280
  • 7 tracks of up to 8 stems (or groups) - £480
  • 10 tracks of up to 8 stems (or groups) - £680
  • 11+ - POA



We can offer expert programming or additional production to your project, whether it be drums, synth or even taking a demo stripping it down and building it back up to a professional standard.

Our producers and engineers have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and have the ears and skills to take your project to the highest level.



Please use the contact form below to enquire about any of the services we provide, and an agent will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your project.

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