Your song

As a songwriter, I feel frustrated at anticipations like “I’ll sit down now and write a song”.

I mean, I can sit down and come up with words that resonate with my feelings anytime, but the melody, the tempo, the vibe… it’s a combination of a strong feeling + the necessary energy to channel it, that makes it.
I know people who say they don’t even need an instrument: they’ll write the words, then adapt them to a melody when they get the inspiration to create one. I personally need a piano or a guitar or anything that can accompany my voice with musical notes, to even inspire the tone of the song: otherwise it’s just me blabbering about my feelings (which, as you are probably noticing, I’ve got a tendency for).

I feel, therefore I make a sound. Then I add another sound, with that feeling in my body. Then I remember that verse that came to mind, while squashed between two people on the train and struggling to keep my balance. And so it happens.

As a songwriter, expectations annihilate me.

I find myself not writing for months on end. To be honest, I have stopped writing for years. I’m battling it, but it’s still hard - and 80% of the time it’s because I’m scared of writing something that isn’t as beautiful as the standards I have in my overambitious mind. I judge myself before I can hear myself.

As usual, I am my own worst enemy. Just like you are your own worst enemy.
And they are their own worst enemies.

Let yourself be, for once.
Pick up a piece of paper and a pen.
Scribble down verses that nobody will ever read, except for you.
No judgement. No levels. No standards.
No comparisons.

Way too many of the ones we call “lazy” artists, “distracted” and “inconsistent” creatives are actually just over-aware of themselves. And over-awareness turns into self-consciousness. And self-consciousness makes your artistry wilt, decay and rot.
So, excuse my language, but f*ck what everybody else thinks and create because it’s what your innermost being desires.

None of your work is meant to be anything - except for your own.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash